Thanks to our precision machinery and our work methodology we are able to deliver a diverse array of rolls in different measures, always granting our clients a high quality product.

Technical specifications of our rewinding machine BRUDERHAUS are:

  • Max width of entering reel: 2600 mm including trim
  • Max diameter of entering reel: 1800 mm
  • Min format of exiting reel: 400 mm – smaller formats could be arranged for
  • Max format of exiting reel: 2500 mm
  • Min diameter of exiting reel: 500 mm – smaller formats could be arranged for
  • Max diameter of exiting reel: 1200 mm
  • Inner diameter in entry: from 7 to 30
  • Inner diameter in exit: 7 – 7,6 – 15 – 30 (Different measures on request)
  • Min weight: 25 gr/mq
  • Max weight: 700 gr/mq


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