Polyethylene Coating

Polyethylene Coating is the technique that enables the application of a thin layer of extruded polyethylene on one or both sides of a paper sheet. This allows the paper to be both more resistant and adapted to the use in food industry.

In ArtCart we use a coating machine that enables us to apply glossy, matt, milky white and double-sided coatings. The technical specifications of our   coating machine DOLCI are:

  • Cross-format min: 760 mm
  • Cross-format max: 1520 mm
  • Base weight min: 19 gr/mq
  • Base weight max: 250 gr/mq
  • Reel diameter in entry max: 1250 mm
  • Reel diameter in exit max: 1200 mm
  • Inner diameter in entry: 7,6 – 15 – 15,2
  • Inner diameter in exit: 7 – 7,6 – 15,2
  • Min crop: 20 mm
  • Coating weight min: 8 gr/mq
  • Coating weight max: 30 gr/mq

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