Our Paper Products

We offer a wide range of paper products for food and industrial packaging, with tailor-made solutions based on the clients’ needs in full compliance of the updated norms and regulations.

The technical specifications for our products in polyethylene coated paper are:

  • Weight range of the base: from 19 to 250 g/m2
  • Weight range of the applied polyethylene: from 8 to 30 g/m2
  • Range of formats of coatable papers: from 760 to 1520 mm
  • Types of polymers used: additive or pure LDPE
  • Kraft paper, smooth or not

    Paper characterized by it’s resistance to mechanical traction and tearing, composed of pure MG cellulose, used in the food industry for bags of different sized at the counters.

  • Glossy paper

    Shiny or opaque for food packaging, packaging of tea bags, sugar, seeds or powders like starch and flour.

  • Calendered paper

    For a more affordable solution for single serving sugar bags

  • MG & Tissue paper - White or Havana brown

    KRAFT both glossy or smooth, of pure cellulose or recycled, used at the counters for cheese, salami, etc.

  • Recycled paper

    used at the counters

  • Twisting paper

    Particularly resistant to twisting, this paper is used for the packaging of candies.

  • Humidity resistant paper

    Particularly used with dairy products as cheese, butter, mozzarella, for it’s resistance to their natural humidity.

  • Straw paper

    Our straw paper is the perfect packaging for serving cooked or fried food: specifically created for the food industry, the polyethylene coating guarantees total insulation between the food and the paper’s fibres. Commonly used for table-cloths, placements and cutlery-bags.

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