New line of Bio Compostable papers “BioArt”

To meet the needs of customers and the desire to create sustainable packaging solutions ArtCart has developed BioArt” a new line of Biodegradable Compostable Papers  obtained by Extrusion Coating of PLA.

We have always felt concerned about environmental issues and now, thanks to the advantages of PLA, we have been able to create completely compostable food paper. This packaging solution will allow to reduce the costs of waste disposal and emissions, while ensuring the healt of food products coming into contact with our papaer.

New technologies combined with our know how have allowed us to extrude PLA between 12 grs/mq and 30 grs/mq on a papery support of 22 grs/mq to 220 grs/mq.

Thanks to the specific raw materials involved:

  • It is suitable for food contact
  • Ensures maximum freshness
  • Preserves organoleptic properties
  • Shows good mechanical resistance
  • Shows excellent properties on its external surface


Our paper “BioArt” is in line with the following legislative guidelines:


  • M. 21/03/1973 (on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food)
  • CE n. 1935 del 27/10/2004 (traceability, product’s characteristics and productive methods)
  • DPR n. 777 del 23/09/1992. (Safety of materials coming into contact with food)
  • lgs. n. 22/1997 (Absence of heavy metals)


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